Friday, November 15, 2013

When A Presidency Crumbles (Hope and Change Obamacare)

By Martin O'Sullivan
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Today I watched President Obama give a rare press conference. He came to talk about the Affordable Healthcare Act, and deal with questions that might be critical of it. As I watched this great orator (as the left refers to him), I watched him break the law on national television by once again changing a law himself. Even Howard Dean called this into question. I watched him stammering and searching for words. I watched him not telling the truth many times as he never acknowledged so many other negative causes and effects of Obamacare, but still touted lower premiums, and better care to which we know is not true.

What bothered me was the feeling this man is not in charge of the White House. I have had this feeling before. A President comfortable to have others do everything (Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, even Kathleen Sebelious, as examples), and just experience the Presidency as if it was one huge golf game. Traveling and campaigning for his policies, spending a perverted amount of tax payers money on vacations, playing over 150 rounds of golf, all while trying to look Presidential when called upon. However, when asked questions, or giving statements, he often says “I didn't know”, “I saw it on the news like everyone else did”, “No one told me”, “I was unaware of it”, time and time again.

Be it Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, NSA, and the list goes on. He is never knowing of anything. Regardless, if the IRS visits him at the White House over one hundred times. Must have been to play checkers. Today he said no one told him the website was not ready. I believe him. In his own words “If I knew it was not going to work, I would not have said how wonderful it would be two weeks before”. However, what about the people in charge of the website. Were they told to keep the President informed? I say no, somewhat. I believe when anything is to be done there is a understanding that those in charge of the project are to leave him alone. They are to inform his staff which feeds him only positives. I believe this goes back to 2009 when he appointed so many Tzars to so many things a President would be in charge of. Being he would not have to deal with it, the Tzars would. (Hindsight, his calling them Tzars in itself is very telling, don't ya think?)

I believe this President does not know the depth of the failure of Obamacare, because no one is telling him. He is in a big huge bubble not to be disturbed. Either they fear telling him anything about it, or he is not really in charge. To give this speech today and not fully understand that there is much more wrong with this law than just a broken down excuse for a website is ignorant of reality. The cancellations of five million policies to individuals is just the tip of the iceberg of all the problems with this law. The people know, and that is why they are not attempting to go to the site in the numbers they need, regardless if they can or can not enroll. They just were not going! With nearly two thousand pages of law, and twenty thousand pages of regulations added on after, when the next problem arises with Obamacare, I have no doubt he will once again say he never knew or was told about the flaw.

So, Obama's “Fix” is the newest example of my theory. To allow insurance companies to continue to supply policies people have had regardless if they don't meet the regulations in their plans. So there he stood, at the podium, saying what insurance companies say can not be done. Did no one tell the President that rates and policies can't be flipped back on like a light switch? The insurance companies are saying if it can be done at all, it will cost the consumer even more money. So once again I feel the President's people sought a solution, told the President about it, without never talking to the Insurance companies first, then sending him out there to speak about a fix that can not happen.

Here is what should be done. That's right, Martin is about to tell you the solution Mr. President. This entire bill was said to be to insure about 33 million people without insurance. Although today the President said 40 million people. Let us use his new number. 40 million people included young adults who feel indestructible and didn't want healthcare. Others were illegal immigrants, yes I will not call them undocumented because they are ILLEGALLY HERE. Also, let us not forget that the CBO said after Obamacare is in full swing there would still be over 30 million people without healthcare, so was this really the reason to ruin the best healthcare in the world? So how to reform healthcare?

1) Tort Reform: Simply make frivolous medical law suits capped, yet allowing true medical disasters caused by hospitals and/or doctors semi-capped. One of the major reasons cost of policies are so high is due to lawyers suing, ambulance chasers if you will. The Hospitals and Doctors must buy medical malpractice insurance that cost millions, thus rates are raised to the patient. By Tort Reform, medical costs would be drastically trimmed being medical malpractice insurance would be lower, and less law suits.

2) The selling of Insurance policies across state lines. You lose when you are forced to buy insurance from your own state for a higher price for the same policy that is sold in another state in the country for less money. By allowing national competition price wars ensue. Thus, lower rates.

3) Obamacare fines Catholic health Organizations for charity care to patients with no insurance and that are poor. The fines are millions. This is one of those flaws in the law I say the President doesn't even know is in there. Instead of fining the health organization, reward them and all hospitals and insurance companies with incentives. Expand charity care to hospitals, and doctors with a clause that no lawsuits may be filed in any negative medical event.

4) Deregulate the Insurance companies and allow them to issue new policies that meet the needs of the poor. As it stands now, only the government can approve a policy the insurers wish to make available to the consumer. These standards set by the government prevents insurance companies issuing out group policies for individuals to enter.

5) Policy credits and rebates: If one goes a year without the need for healthcare send a rebate, or compound credit points to the following year lowering the premiums. If one belongs to a gym, or a spa, a percentage discount on the premiums.

6) Healthcare savings accounts: Much like Social Security, a working citizen has a deduction of ten dollars a week specifically to be applied to a health savings account. As well as private healthcare savings account where people set their own figures to how much would be direct deposit from their paychecks. All with compounded interest.

7) Preexisting conditions: One of the rare popular features of Obamacare, but done wrong. The surcharge for this in Obamacare is astronomical. Liberals thought this was going to be free. They are finding the surcharge is as much as the premium itself. However, a one time charge as an option for the policy to cover preexisting conditions that may be paid for like a car loan instead of sticker shock, or a preexisting deductible from paycheck if opted in for.

8) Neighbor policies: Similar to individual group policies mentioned above, individuals could be free to canvas their neighbors, friends, to enter a group policy. The more enrolled, the less the group policy, thus the less the premiums.

9) Medical fraud penalties: The medical fraud that is already happening in Obamacare is staggering. From Obamacare navigators having people lie, to identity thefts, scam artists, are already in huge numbers and the law just started (Partially) on October 1st! If the NSA, EPA, IRS, DHS, can harrass innocent citizens, how medial fraud security MFS? To go after real not so innocent citizens! With fines going directly to medical charity. Penalties so strict including prison without parole for a minimum of ten years. Medical scams, and fraud is yet another reason for high premiums from insurance companies.

10) Medical School costs: The cost to go to Medical School is so high are children (and parents) can not afford it (Only few). Our children end up doing something else. Something more affordable for schooling and a career. Yet, medical schools in Italy, India, and other countries are more than half the cost of schools in America. My friend went to medical school in Italy because he could not afford it here, but not everyone can do that. What happens is a shortage of American born Doctors. The doctor from another county comes here to practice. Which is fine, and they are great, however I wish to see more American children grow up to be a doctor is that is what they want to do. How does this affect Insurance companies? By lesser expensive American medical schools, doctors do not start out their careers charging exorbitant private practice rates that insurance has to cover. Doctors do this to recover their huge schooling cost. Lesser schooling tuition equates to lesser private practice rates.

There! That was just ten. Republicans have even more if only the media would listen (or would have listened in the past few years). Two thousand pages? No! And by the way, I hope you know the reason for two thousand page laws is on purpose. To make the law so confusing one can not tell if it is being implemented correctly. The quickest easy from point A to point B is a straight line. The best way for a solution is always keeping it simple.

God Bless America and God bless the 5 million and growing losing their healthcare.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

No White House Tours! We Have To Pay For Studying Obese Lesbians!

On my radio show on Sunday September 8th 2013, I did a story about a tax payer funded study that cost you, the tax payer, 2.2 million dollars to find out why there is a high percentage of obesity in Lesbians. In March of 2013 I did a story that cost you, the tax payer 2.7 million dollars to find out why many Lesbians are alcoholics. This, at a time liberals are all shouting the sky is falling since January of 2013 when the Sequester kicked in and we were told how devastating it would be. The Sequester stopped school children and tourists from taking the White House tours (costing 74 thousand a week), but we can spend million on ridiculous studies?
I wonder how much work goes into these studies. I always imagined a few people sitting around a table playing UNO for months, then one turns to the other and says “Hey, write a report”. Meanwhile they drive Lincolns and are having a new swimming pool installed! I decided to write today’s article more as a list of these studies, projects or grants that you pay for that can only be described as a country lost on what really is important: Taking care of our vets, homeless, elderly, the middle class, etc.
All this while only 48 percent of Americans pay taxes. These are a few below. As you read them, think about how low your taxes would be without the waste in government. Perhaps there is a reason they always want to raise your taxes. To pay for stupid things!
Keep in mind, this is not a Democrat or Republican problem. It has gone on for decades. However, it is a liberal problem. Conservatism does not leave room for big government and want to lower your taxes, thus these things would be cut for sure.
  • $175,587.00: On a study to find out if Cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in risky sexual behavior.
  • $384,949.00: On a study to find out why Duck penis’s are shrinking.
  • $3 million: To study video games such as World of Warcraft.
  • $30 million: To help Pakistani farmers grow Mangos (Uhm… Just give them seeds!)
  • $700,000.00: To study Gas emissions from… cars? No. Planes? No. ANSWER: Cows.
  • $2.6 million: To train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly.
  • 25 Billion: to maintain vacant government buildings
  • 2 Billion:To farmers NOT to farm on their land.
  • $400,000.00: On a study to find out why gay Argentina men engage in risky sex when drunk.
  • $500,000.00: Paid to Alaska Airlines to paint on ONE plane a Chinook Salmon.
  • $505,000.00: A government grant given to promote hair products… For cats!
  • 15 million: To help Russian weapon institutes to recruit nuclear scientists.
  • 27 million: To teach Moroccans how to make pottery.
  • $350,000.00: On a study to see if a golfer imagines the whole to be bigger, would it help their game.
  • 148 million: To the Palestinian Authority, to which they then gave to Terrorists.
  • $666,905.00: To study if watching television reruns are beneficial to the viewer.
  • $800,000.00: To study the effects of genital washing on South African men.
  • 442,340.00: To study the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam.
  • 3.4 million: To build a Turtle Tunnel under Highway 27 in Florida.
  • 3 million: To study Shrimp on a treadmill. (You can view this on YouTube).
  • 1 million: To study the sexual habits of mud snails.
  • $532,000.00 to study the sexual habits of women with breast implants.
  • 200 million: to fund a reality show in India so the US can advertise cotton.
  • $141,450.00 to China, to study swine manure.
  • 833 million: In subsidies to Amtrak for their lost of profits on their food service.
  • $325,000.00: On Robosquirrel. A robotic squirrel to see how snakes would react to it.
  • 2.5 billion: In foodstamp (SNAP) abuse for things as exotic dancers, alcohol, sugary drinks, etc.
  • $998,798.00: Shipping two 19cent washers from South Carolina to Texas.
  • $293,451.00: Shipping one 89 cent washer from South Carolina to Florida.
  • 32 million: For the Healthy Food Initiative for lower income areas, with no measurable result.
  • 7.8 billion in aide: To Iraq, but it can’t be accounted for… lost.
  • 2.4 billion: For new jets Congress ordered for the Pentagon, that the Pentagon said it does not need nor will it ever use.
  • 2 billion: To Brazil for them to drill for oil. The oil goes to China, not us.
  • $585,000.00: For a one night stay in Paris for Joe Biden at a 5 star hotel.
  • 1.4 billion: In 2011 spent on Obama vacations (In contrast the Royal family UK spends 58 mil a year.
  • 55 billion (A year): To 180 countries, yet Detroit goes bankrupt?
  • And let us not forget Obama’s dog flies to Martha’s Vineyard on your dime.
In closing, I am going to request I get 100 million dollars to study why these things bother me.
(Article amendment: As I was about to post this article, a new study just released says men with smaller testicles make better fathers. The article did not state how much the cost was for the study, or even if it was tax payer funded, but regardless… are these studies really needed?)
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syria: Yet Another Obama Mistake?

As of this point in time, Wednesday  6am est.  August 29th 2013 there has been no order from Obama to attack yet in Syria. A war within Syria equates to State run terrorist (Assad) versus the Rebels, also called Freedom fighters, but made up in part of Al Qaeda terrorist.  Over 100 thousand people have died, but who are the good guys?  Neither.  Assad’s side are killing the opposition and Christians (women and children, and whole towns), and the Opposition is killing Assad’s troops and Christians (women and children, and whole towns).  With Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Obama is being pushed into an intervention (limited) with one subliminal reason.  Obama does not want to look like a fool after saying a red line would be crossed if Assad used chemical weapons.  Now he must do something even though he doesn’t want to.  Only to save political face, but to what expense?
Later today Obama will be presenting evidence to Congress.  We await if Congress gives consent, but if they don’t Obama may still strike as he did without Congress’s consent for attacking Libya.  In 2007 President Bush weighed some kind of attack in Iran to prevent nuclear plants. Joe Biden said in 2007 on Hard Ball with Chris Mathews that if President Bush did not get the OK from Congress, then that is an impeachable offense.  I wonder what Joe Biden thinks now? I also wonder what Hillary Clinton thinks now? She said just a few short years ago that Assad was a reformer!
Jordan and other Arab countries are unwilling to help the USA, because they realize Obama acts against peaceful Arab countries interests. This is most evident in Egypt as the entire Arab World (less Syria and Iran) support the Egyptian military’s quest to rid the country of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptian people know all too well what the Western media will not report on: That Obama has and does support the Muslim Brotherhood.
Russia and China has warned the USA if Obama gives the order to strike, it would be a dangerous mistake.  Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s former envoy to NATO, said “The West is acting like a Monkey with a grenade”.  Syria has said if Obama strikes the country will become a “Graveyard for invaders”.  Iran stated if Obama strikes Syria… you guessed it… Israel will take the brunt of Iran’s wrath.  A stike on Syria could turn into a proxy war with Iran.  Iran and Syria will take this opportunity to attack Israel. Israel is calling on all reservists back. Gas masks are being issued.  This, a country the size of New Jersey! How much bombs will it take before it is all gone. Benjamin Netanyahu said if Israel is attacked, it’s response would be devastating.  Obama has proven time and time again he is no friend of Israel.  He is not weighing the concerns of Israel.  Israel has little respect for Obama as their polls show Obama’s approval ratings in their country are extremely low.  They have not forgot Obama’s call for Israel’s return to the indefensible 1967 borders. Or his comments on Netanyahu’s UN speech.  They know he will act for his own political facade of a leader at the expense of Israel.
So now we find ourselves on the doorstep of Obama’s second use of armed forces, the first being Libya.  France took the lead in Libya, as Obama did not want to be viewed as the leader.  He does this in most topics.  NASA for instance.  Dismantle NASA and the rest of the world we pay to go to space.  Jay Carney, Obama’s spokesman said this is not about regime change, that it is a measured response for using of chemical weapons.  Whispers in DC seem to point that the attack will be aimed where the chemical weapons are stored diminishing their use, thus helping the rebels.  Do you think for one moment Assad, Russia, China, Iran will be frightened into not doing anything in return? No, they will just respond with Israel being bombed, and attacks in the USA will rise. No good can come out of the USA under President Obama’s leadership (or lack of) attacking Syria. His measured response can only cause an escalation of tragic consequences.  This President has lost all respect of the world.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, Israel, Europe, Poland, Jordan, and more, all view this President as an Amateur, a man with no clue about the world, and that is from articles from them, not my opinion.
Obama has always been a leader who doesn’t fight to win.  He was against the Iraqi war, and as President he pulled out our troops way too soon.  Result? Iraq is dissolving into a haven for terrorist.  So much so, that the President of Iraq, President Talabani has requested help from the USA in the form of drones and anti-terrorist trainers.  That was two weeks ago, and I have heard no reports of a response from the USA.  In Afghanistan Obama was against the surge.  Yet his opposition to the surge was proven wrong when the surge had tremendous successes.  So what did Obama do?  He pulled back on the surge, and more troops died under Obama than under Bush.  When Bush was in charge the left wing media was furious about every single death of a soldier, but with Obama in charge?  Those same media outlets are silent.  Also, as he did in Iraq, he is bringing troops home from Afghanistan.  Does anyone have any doubt that Afghanistan will also crumble into a haven for terrorists and the Taliban will once again rule?
Obama has proven in Afghanistan he does not know how to fight or win a war.  If our enemy throws a stone at us, Obama does not crush them, instead he has a measured response of just throwing a stone back at them.  May I use a tennis metaphor?  If the number one tennis player in the world, Serena Williams plays the 100th seeded player in the world, does Serena whip her fanny on the court, or does Serena play at the much less experienced and talented player’s level?  I know you know the answer to that question.  I won’t even write it.  In Afghanistan Obama gave the order we can not shoot first.  So in essence, Let them possibly kill one or some of our soldiers first, then you can fire back.  That lack of offense allows for a quagmire.  The enemy does not fear us. Instead they find the USA more as an equal adversary opposed to a Super Power.
While on the subject of Afghanistan, has anyone noticed that we are fighting Al Qaeda? and Obama is about to help Al Qaeda in Syria?  So we are fighting against them in one country, and siding with them in another?  Is this any kind of foreign policy?  Yes, I know, it is not all Al Qaeda.  Some may be reasonable Muslims that do want Assad out, and a Democracy in. However, through Iran, and Al Qaeda, they are very much a part of this Opposition.  If Assad is thrown out, Syria will be worse than the Muslim Brotherhood was in Egypt… if that is even possible!
So we await.  Our ships are now there.  Tomahawk missiles ready to go.  The world is watching.  Regardless if Obama gives the order or not, the world should wake up and realize Israel was never the real problem in the Middle East.  The real problem is Muslims constantly fighting Muslims, and no Obama measured attack will stop that.
Watch Michelle Malkin on Hannity. She ads much to what I am saying about poor leadership (Hagel and Kerry concerning Syria.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

President Obama Is On The Wrong Side Of Egyptian History

As I began writing today's article I realized if I included all there is to include on what is happening in Egypt, this story would end up being one hundred pages long! Each day so many different aspects of Egypt add so much if all was to be written about.  From day one of this coup, which this administration still will not refer to it as, to this very day, events are unfolding so very fast.  The Arab world has taken the stance to support the Egyptian military by sending 12 billion dollars in aid to them. All  with the goal to defeat and rid the country of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, our administration has took the stance to stop the aid to Egypt. As Obama said "Give the Muslim Brotherhood" a second chance".  As the Egyptian interim government ponders to make the Muslim Brotherhood banned, illegal, and marked as a terrorist organization, our government and the left wing media attempts to portray the Brotherhood as a viable political party.  The same political party that ruled after the first coup and installed a new constitution that A) Made slavery legal again B) legalized rape of non-Muslim women C) made criticizing  President Mursi a jail-able offense, etc.  Secular Egyptians and Christians were either jailed, killed, kidnapped or homes and churches destroyed.  The Obama administration supported Mursi with 1.2 billion in aide, 20 jets, 200 tanks, and Mursi still called for the destruction of Israel and America.

As I mentioned above, so many things are happening so fast, instead of a huge article with all the details that would make the novel "War and Peace" look like a mini book, here are some of the events that may help to understand that what the Egyptian military is doing deserves our support, and what our own administration is doing is shameful. NOTE: For historical reference I have included a few events from Middle Eastern history that relates to Egypt today.

* 1928 The Muslim Brotherhood is formed. Their public motto: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration".
* 1981 Anwar Sadat is assassinated with the Muslim Brotherhood involved. Anwar Sadat, a man of peace and creator of treaties with Israel.
* 2011 saw the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood coup and Mubarak's stepping down.
* 2012 Mubarak is arrested and jailed.
* 2012 Mursi wins election bringing in the Muslim Brotherhood as the sole ruling party.
* Obama administration makes deal for 20 fighter jets, and 200 tanks, plus over a billion dollars to Egypt.  The only war Egypt has had was with Israel. So why the deal?
* Arabian news reports about President Mursi opponents crucified in trees.
* Authors critical of the new Egyptian administration jailed with sentences of 5 to ten years.
* Mursi calls Israel and America the devil.
* Ancient shrines are dismantled being they are not of Allah. Muslim Brotherhood contemplates dismantling of the pyramids.
* New Egyptian constitution re-instates slavery as legal, and rape of non-Muslim women no longer a crime.
* June 28 2013: White House confirms meeting with deputy of banned Muslim Brotherhood  radical cleric.
* Obama administration gets caught trying to give the Muslim Brotherhood organization a 8 billion dollar donation.
* June 30: The military issues a 48 hour ultimatum to the Mursi administration to meet with other political parties to hear their concerns.
* July 2nd, late in responding, refuses to meet with protesters.
* July 3rd, under General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the military is a sweep takes over the country, arresting Mursi under house arrest.
* Celebrations in the streets by secular Egyptians, along with protest signs implicating Obama as a supporter of the Brotherhood, dance in the streets with fireworks much like our Independence Day celebrations. Lifting the military in the air as heroes.
* The Obama administration refuses to recognize this event as a coup.
* July 4th, Egypt installs interim President, Chief justice Adly Mansour who vows to not let Egypt be taken over again by those who support chaos.
* General al-Sisi announces there is plenty room for all to help re-build Egypt and offers an olive branch to the Muslim Brotherhood to be a part of it.
* Days later the Muslim Brotherhood supporters protest with throwing people off roofs, burning churches and killing in the streets. Vowing to die until Mursi is re-instated as President.
* Churches are continued to be marked with paint and destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Over 20 churches destroyed, including on from the 4th century.  Captured Nuns are paraded in the streets by the Muslim Brotherhood.
* General al-Sisi vows to rebuild the churches, and not just with words. He orders construction to begin immediately.
* Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries send 12 billion dollars in aide to the Egyptian military and interim government to help dispose of the Muslim Brotherhood.
* General al-Sisi continuously refuses to take calls from President Obama, Kerry, and Hagel.
* The administration, and some Republicans want to abolish financial aide to Egypt. However, they did not consider this when the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge displaying all the crimes of an administration. Now that terrorists are not in charge, and a secular interim government wants to restore democracy the way it should be... Stop aide?
* Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protesters attack police and police fight back killing over 700 radicals. Western Media puts most of the blame on the military.
* Egypt military asks Israel for permission to enter the Sinai zone to rid radical terrorists. Israel allows, and over 30 radicals killed.
* Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Son Claims MB is Blackmailing Obama with “Evidence That Could Put Him in Prison”.  Hinting Obama is building an army through immigration by legitimization of Islam in America.
* President Obama takes time out from his vacation at Martha's Vineyard to make statement he does not support either party, and just wants a peaceful solution.
* After the Muslim Brotherhood's bloody and continuing protests, President Obama says to give them a second chance.
* Saudi Arabia criticizes this statement as "Obama has no idea the Muslim Brotherhood will not be peaceful, and must go".
* Israel supports the Egyptian Military.
* Arab media uncovers Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood implicated in Benghazi attack.
* Arab media in support for the Egyptian army reports President Obama has no respect from Arab countries. They report he is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood as they have financially donated  money to his presidency, and the radical Islamination of America. Past reports by the Arab media stated the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House and effect policy.
* A musical song and video goes viral on Youtube and is a big hit in Egypt by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry. Titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” it attacks the US president for allegedly preferring Islamic radicals over the army. (It isn't the Bealtes, that's for sure, but watch it to read the translation as you view it).
* August 20: The Muslim Brotherhood gets caught faking a video of military aggressiveness. As the video is being created, they stop the video for still photos and pose the standing frozen posed protesters to snap the photos, then resume the video.
* Coptic Pope Tawadros II issued a statement concerning the violence perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Egypt and condemning the responses of the Western governments including the US and the distorted coverage by the Western Media.
* Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie arrested.
* August 21: White House Spokesman Josh Earnest during the White House Daily Briefing today reacted with a snarky joke to a serious question from Fox News’ Ed Henry about violence against Christians in Egypt. Henry asked what Obama’s “Red Line in Egypt” is on anti-Christian attacks. Earnest responded, “Well I didn't bring my red pen out today.
*... and lastly (for now) Ex-Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt claims Obama's brother is a Mulim Brotherhood member and says he will release the files. He says it is for this reason this administration backs the Brotherhood (among other reassons).

All of the above is easily searchable with your favorite search engine.  To sum up, President Obama, and this administration as well as some Republicans are on the wrong side of history. America should be willing to help the Egyptian military as they helped the Libyans dispose of Muammar Gaddafi. The Secular Egyptians, the ones that like the Western culture, the ones that wear the Yankee caps, the ones that get along with the Christians, the ones that do not condone rape, crucifixions deserve our support, as Arab world is supporting them. Evil is evil, and must not be given a "second chance" as Obama put it.  Yet I fear if the left wing media does not report this as it should, by painting a different picture, the people of our land will never know what is really going on there, and thus, point fingers at the military.  America must not be on the wrong side of history as it is being now.  We must be on the side of those who recognize the Muslim Brotherhood for what it really is.

Epilogue: We were once a country that stood against terrorism. We would not even have a dialogue with them. This President has made terrorism fashionable.  Can't call the Fort Hood shootings a terrorist act? Instead this administration calls it "Work place violence".  An Clinton appointed federal judge last week ruled in Oklahoma Sharia law can not be banned? A Texas Muslim cleric states that Sharia law is above American law? Schools banning pork as to not offend Muslims? Jews do not eat pork either, have they ever been offended by it to ban it? America is capitulating to Islam. Watch it daily. A chip away at a time of the American fabric.  Read what happened to Constantinople. Read what happens when Islam immigration happens. It is happening in Europe as well. Read Pamela Geller's website: What more harm can President Obama do with the other three years he has left? Good must stand up to evil.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Freedom of Speech, Will it still exist?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I always ponder the topic of my blogs before I jump in and write one. Usually it has something to do with a current topic in the news. However, I had reason this week to be faced with a 1st amendment issue myself which got me thinking about the actual 1st amendment and what seems to be happening to it. Then I realized, oh wait, this is in the news now too!

First of all the 1st amendment was not part of the original constitution in 1787. That may shock people, but after all, it is an “amendment”. The famed Bill of Rights is where it surfaced on December 15th 1791. This powerful amendment is suppose to protect free speech. Most importantly free political speech. To say to a Liberal a Conservative thought, or to a Conservative a Liberal thought is a powerful freedom. Unfortunately there have been many people who use the 1st amendment in actual trials for their defense in a stretch of a way. I recall about a year or so ago a defendant in a trial invoked his 1st amendment rights as to why he flashed his car lights to another car in a sign that there was a police speed trap that awaits him down the road. The judge ruled in his favor. Or many times those claim to be artists by laying an American flag on the floor and inviting those to walk on it as freedom of speech, and the famous painting of Mother Mary painted in Elephant dun as the artists freedom of speech, all go with the blessings of “Hey, it is my first amendment right”... and they win.

Of course the old adage that you can't scream “FIRE!” in a movie theater is true, many times the first amendment is being misused and protected for ridiculous reasons, but ignored when it should rightfully be respected when used in it's purest form.

Yet, the pure purpose of the first amendment to protect free political speech is under attack by the one organization that once created it... The Federal government. From the IRS targeting oppositional groups of this administration, to the DOJ and Eric Holder's trying to make criminals out of oppositional journalists, the first amendment is being kicked to the side of the road. Again, by the same Government that created it to begin with: The Federal Government. Is it just the IRS and the DOJ? Sadly, no. The EPA is also doing this by harassing Conservative owned companies and home owners with ridiculous regulations and fines. There are even more, the DHS, and more.

Have you ever heard one Republican, or one Conservative say the first amendment is outdated? Or should be reformed? No. Not one. Why? Because those former groups I mention respect our Constitution and Bill or Rights. Do Democrats and Liberals uphold and respect the first amendment? Many do. However, the ones that do want to change it, or pervert or ignore it are always Democrats or Liberals.

Take for instance Sen. Chuck Shumer when he said “I believe there should be limits on the first amendment because the first amendment is not absolute”. Or most recently Dick Durbin when he said he doesn't know if first amendment rights would apply to bloggers. Oh really? And why is that? Because a blogger has a platform that could reach people that may oppose a Democrat or Liberal? Is not blogging a assembling of writer and reader? Does the first amendment not say in it the right to assemble? Time and time again one Democrat or Liberal will try to diminish the Constitution or Bill of Rights. That is, until they need it.

Take Lois Lerner as an example. While in charge of the approvals for exemptions department at the IRS she knew of the targeting of Conservative groups applying for tax exemptions. Many still waiting 3 years later for approval while Progressive groups took just a few months. So, she punished groups that use their first amendment rights to squelch their free political speech being it was in opposition to the left's views. Yet, when she needed the Constitution she invoked the 5th amendment not to answer Congresses questions. Although by making her opening statement she actually waived that right, but she didn't know she was doing that at that moment until Rep. Gowdy pointed it out to Issa.

However, is it just the big groups? No, it is also the little guy. The middle class family man who happens to be a Republican, or Conservative. This may even be more apparent when one goes to file his taxes next year after Obamacare is totally in effect. When the IRS asked invasive questions like what are the content of your prayers, etc. They also asked who are your donors, what students volunteer for you, etc. They wanted to know about the individual Conservative too, not just the groups itself.

The first amendment must never EVER be limited in it's intent. It is what “Legal” Immigrants say we don't know how lucky we are to have it. It is one of the best reasons that makes America, America. It is without a doubt (in a Conservative's opinion), one of the most beautiful parts of our founding documents.

So, why should I rant about this? I found out recently that my little radio show, my little blog was visited by The Department of Defense. At first I laughed that I would be considered a threat to anyone. Me, the guy who can't even step on an ant (I walk around it lol). I am not a right wing extremist. However, it seems fashionable to say any Conservative that has Ronald Reagan's views are extreme. Or anyone that loves our founding fathers are extreme. Do I believe in revolution? Ha, no. Do I want to go crazy and commit violent crimes? Uhm, no. I have enough problems at home just trying to get my cat not to miss the litter box. Am I a psycho gun owner? No. I believe in the 2nd amendment, but I do not own a gun. So why would the Department of Defense visit my site? Because they enjoy it? Well, I would hope so, but doubt that was the reason.

It seems they saw my blog about Pamela Geller, a pro-Israel woman that I interviewed a few years back. While on that blog, they also visited my main web site. Which my main site is filled with topics of my latest show, plus the audio. Filled with Conservative views that would make Ronald Reagan and our founding fathers proud. Do I believe in legalizing illegal immigrants? No, Do I believe in redistribution of wealth? No. Do I believe in any Liberal ideology? No. and why? Because as I pointed out in my last blog entry, our founding father's were Conservatives.

Has it come to this? Has it come to anyone that doesn't agree with Democrats are evil? I sure hope not. It would seem as if those who target others for their beliefs beckon back to the ways of the old Soviet Union. Yet the ones that should be of concern to a rational government should be those who commit crimes like the Occupier movement. Not for their beliefs, but for their drug use at protests, their murders at protests, their defecating on Police cars and vandalism. Yet Nancy Pelosi approves of them, but call the little old lady sitting in a lawn chair at a Tea Party gathering complete with a American flag, and a support our troops T-shirt, as “Astro-Turf”, “Nazi's”. What has happened to America?

I love my first amendment rights to point out the wrong doings of this administration and all that support it. Oh, don't get me wrong, There are plenty of Republican's I don't agree with too. The Rhino Republicans, and if they win the next election I am sure I will be criticizing them too.

So, now I get to say, “If you, the Department of Defense come back and visit my site again? I hope you respect our first amendment rights as much as I do, and oh yes, enjoy the show”.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Founding Fathers Vs. Liberalism

With so many scandals that this administration is facing, I began to wonder what our founding fathers and those of that time would have to say about it.  Long deceased they still speak out from their own words as if it was profound and relevant to our current politics.  As I was thinking of them, it occurred to me what their political leanings were.  Many Liberals tell me the founding fathers were liberal because they protested, and that protesting was a Liberal thing to do. This argument never ceases to amaze me.  So the Tea Party of today is Liberal? I don't think so! In fact as I thought about writing this post it became clear to me that the founding fathers were Conservatives.  They were up against a monarchy that was tyrannical. They were over taxed, little liberty, and suffered confiscation of goods to be redistributed to England. Conservatives protest too. Many topics of that era mirrors what we face today with this administration. We are almost back to square one. Just the fact the Conservatives promote the Constitution and Liberals try to Diminish it's value (Unless it benefits them) gives credence that the founding fathers values match the Conservatives of today's values.

Take the topic of gun control legislation today. While the second amendment is clear, Liberals and most Democrats want to confiscate your guns (as over heard by Democrats in NJ during an open mic slip). Legislation to tax bullets, national registration, etc, all fall under INFRINGEMENT. If it does not, than the word infringement has no meaning.  However, what did the people back then believe?  George Washington, Liberal or Conservative? Well, let's take a quote about guns from our first President: "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."  ~ George Washington,  Sounds pretty conservative to me! George Washington knew that without the right to bear arms a government could easily once again become tyrannical.  Guns equal liberty as the meaning of his quote. To be sure, George Washington would also never think of preventing a flag of our country being displayed on a proud American's home as it is so often prevented today.

In our schools we are turning our children into weak pacifists.  Being a pacifist has it's good points. No one wants our children to be animalistic, violent, etc.  However, daily we hear news about a 2nd grader who is suspended for eating a Pop-Tart into a shape of a gun, or pointing a pencil and saying "Bang Bang" while playing. When I was a kid we had pop air guns. We never dreamed this would turn the population of America into killers. We wore our Daniel Boone fur hats, or Long Ranger gun holsters and played Cowboy and Indians, or even Cops and robbers. Today? We are brainwashing adults and children that guns are bad, and they are if misused, but the lives they save far outweigh the small percentages of misuse.  While in Iran, Syria, and many countries their children are preparing for war with our children by having real guns at young ages, even under ten years old.  We can not pasteurize ourselves into thinking the entire world is civil. Much of it is as barbaric as it was a thousand years ago.  From children playing with make believe guns, to taking guns away from our responsible adults, we are tampering with security of this nation from abroad and from within. Benjamin Franklin said:  "Make yourselves Sheep and Wolves will eat you".

What about the topic of religion?  Liberals are so keen to believe they are open minded. They claim this all the time, yet disagree with them, and they are vulgar, violent, and by far not open minded. Simply have a Christian support a Christian issue that goes against Liberal thinking and Liberal venom spews.  This administration lays down the red carpet for Muslims, yet takes great pride in attacking Christianity.  It could come in the form of unconstitutional laws forcing Christian groups to supply birth control against their teachings or at the very least force them to pay for it by their insurance premiums. It could come in the form of boycotting a company with a Christian owner that touts marriage between a man and a woman, or Pro-life issues. Take a quote from Patrick Heny : “It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains.” ~ Patrick Henry   ... and also from once again George Washington:  "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." ~ George Washington. It becomes clear that these men were not only Conservatives and not Liberals, that they also knew the importance of God.  Separation of Church and State? Liberals I talk to actually believe that is in the Constitution. It is not. It didn't even come to be a part of our politics until 1947 when Hugo Black a Supreme Court judge used it in a ruling in a NJ case.  He perverted it's meaning which came from a letter to the Baptists from Thomas Jefferson. The real meaning of Thomas Jefferson's letter was simply that he was quoting the 1st amendment and used the word "Wall" as a metaphor to "Seperate Church and State.  You can read the entire letter here:   Thomas Jefferson was obviously a Conservative too. However, history revisionist will claim otherwise.

What about the topic of this administrations love for spreading the wealth around? Welfare, foodstamps, and tax payer funding for other countries?  I give to you a quote from Thomas Jefferson on that subject: "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."  ~    Thomas Jefferson. ... and isn't this what Obama is doing? What exactly is that change in "Hope and Change" about?  Is it socialism? Russia journalists are calling Obama a Communist. His words in his own books are socialistic, as well as the ideas he writes about.  He sought out Socialists and Communists in his educational days to befriend.  He rejects the Private Sector, and rejects this country was founded on Conservative principals.  Conservative principals are now villianized by the left.  Liberals lay claim they are outdated. To the contrary they are more meaningful today than ever.

Senator Schumer said the first amendment should be limited.  Liberals are always saying the Constitution is obsolete, written for the times.  Obamacare is unconstitutional regardless if the Supreme Court ruled for it or not. The Supreme Court has gotten things wrong before in history, as it did here too.  President Reagan back in the early 60s warned about Socialising our medical system. It is a great recording.  I strongly urge you to get a nice cup of tea or coffee and relax and listen to it if you have time:

From the IRS targetting conservative groups, to Eric Holder and Fast & Furious, or the AP scandal, to Benghazi, to legalizing millions of illegal immigrants that from day one qualify for welfare, to the rise of radical Muslims in this country and taking over Europe (Watch this video: . A magazine in Egypt reports on 6 Musim Brotherhood members now working on the INSIDE of the White House and have effects on policy.  To Obama saying at the end of a speech in front of Planned Parenthood "God Bless you" as if God would? No, sorry Mr. President, God would not bless Planned Parenthood.  This administration is against all that God would want for this country, and it is clear our founding fathers and those of that time would look now and think " This is what we tried to get away from".  They would be in shock, they say so, in their own words they are conservative.  We, America, have been the only civilization in the history of mankind that at one time put God, Liberty to it's people, and rule of law up on a pedestal  and from what I plainly see, this administration is taking it all down.  Not brick by brick, but with a sledge hammer.

Lastly, at the end of the very same speech I included above from Ronald Reagan, I leave you with his last words:  "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free".

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi worse than Watergate? You bet it is!

Yesterday we heard from three of the "Whistle-blowers" during the Benghazi hearings.  I watched as many did in awe of them recounting events that contradict what Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, Obama, Jay Carney, etc. all of said.  Besides this hearing, and the depth of what it all means in search for the truth I found myself amazed at the left's take on this. Seemingly downplaying the entire fiasco as just another political witch hunt from the right.  However, let me take you back through the mist of time:

You may recall a little event that took down a presidency called Watergate.  May I point out that no one died during this scandal.  Richard Nixon resigned because of it, and deservedly so.  The crime? A break in to the DNC, combined with burglary.  I was young, but equally interested in politics as I am today.  I wanted to know the truth! So did the left. They were relentless in finding out what had happened. The media was too. Each night the top story was Watergate.  Although back then my youth did not know the severity of a left wing media.  Back then I believed that the media was not biased. Back then I could not even fathom a biased media. I had faith in journalists that they would not slant a story, or even ignore one if it meant deceiving the American public.  To be fair, now that I do know that the media was biased even back then, still they did the right job.  Finding the truth. Little did I know that it was more due to pushing their liberal agenda then actually revealing the truth for the sake of justice. However, they did discover the truth, and sure enough there were major consequences for the Republicans.

With Benghazi, the left wing media today reveals they are not about finding the truth for the sake of justice. They are in full denial mode, and it is not due to ignorance.  It is deliberate.  While they hardly even covered the hearings, they did downplay it with reports.  They did this as well with Fast and Furious (Which people also died), and one can even claim they are doing it with the Boston Marathon Bombing as to downplay radical Islam in this country.

From John Stewart, to Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and so many reporters from CBS, NBC, ABC and of course Obama's news station: MSNBC all either down playing that lies were told by so many in the administration. They took Hilary's rant "What difference does it make..." and have ran with it.

We now know they knew (the administration) by the testimony of the three, in my opinion, heroes: Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom and Mark Thompson. Still the search for truth by the left no longer matters as it did with Watergate.  It doesn't serve their purpose. In fact, it is perceived as an attack on what they believe, or rather an attack on Obama is an attack on them. They are defenders of Liberalism, defenders of lies, and defenders of anything that is against what this country was founded upon. Specially, they are defenders of Obama.  All one has to do is listen to them. They are not reporting this as a search for truth. They are reporting on Benghazi (when reporting it at all) as a defense attorney would defend a client. It makes me ponder if Richard Nixon was a Democrat, would there even have been a scandal?

We all now know Benghazi was not caused by a video as claimed by Obama, Hilary, Susan Rice, and the left wing media.  In fact the chain of events (Timeline) starts months before 9/11 when time and time again requests for security was denied by Hilary's office. Even at one point downsized. (If interested, here are those chains of events):

The testimony was riveting. I find it somewhat downright insulting to the American public that those on the left claim this is for political reasons.  Hicks himself voted for Obama twice! If you are on the left, or right, and have not seen the testimony you should as an American wanting to know the truth. No matter what your political party is,  truth is truth.  Democrats and Republicans both do things that are horrible to the American people, and just because we may be on the team of the wrong doers, we should not defend them. If we do, we are just as wrong as they are.  Listen to part of the hearing of these brave men testifying, then listen to how the left wing media downplayed it...

Highlights of astounding testimony:

Left wing media downplaying the hearing:

The left denying we could have sent help in time as fallen through the cracks. It is now known we could have been there during the second attack. Also, no one knew how long it would have gone on for? So help should have been sent.  However, they were told to "Stand Down".  It is now known this was NOT due to a video, and it was known then too, but Susan Rice went on 5 networks to claim it was a protest due to a video a week later, as Hilary did as well with the caskets behind her of the fallen victims. It is now known requests to beef up security months ahead, including just days before were denied. It is now known that Obama did not talk to Penneta.  Instead, Obama went to bed and a fund raiser the next day. ...

But why? Why create this illusion that it was our fault for insulting them? The fault of offending Islam via internet video?  In my opinion it is two fold. 1) A continuation of the appeasement of Islam.  This administration bends over backwards to include Islam as a viable friendly religion.  Well, it is. However, this administration includes the radicals of Islam in that mix, which they are not.  Sending help to Benghazi would have, in the administration's view, been seen by Islam as a declaration of war, not a reaction to their action. Not by Libya  but by Islam as a whole.  This the administration could not have that happen several weeks before a Presidential election.  Which brings me to the other reason: 2) The administration needed to down play this horrific event due to that election itself. Pile the lies and don't reveal facts would help solidify an election.  Come out with the truth? and we may have had a different President today, President Romney.

So, what of Watergate? in comparison  this is worse than Watergate.  So wouldn't you think the outcome should be at the very least equal?  Or should we just jump on board with Hilary and say "What difference does it make"?


I must include here a big salute to Youtube and the best blog on the Internet: Doug Ross @ Journal: