Saturday, March 23, 2013

The ridiculous Sequester

Ahhhhh, it has been weeks since the automatic spending cuts known as the Sequester has started. The President, and all in his administration were, and are in full scare tactics strategy.  I thought I would write this weeks blog to show truth, facts, and waste, plus a little history of how this all came to be. To put it all into a perspective that anyone with a brain would see how ridiculous this all is.

Just a very short history. In 2011 the debt ceiling needed approval to be raised by Congress (or denied raising it).  The Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling unless it was combined with addressing the deficit of 16 trillion dollars. To get the Republicans on-board to raise the debt ceiling, Obama put together an idea of what he called a "Super Committee" Made up of 12 members Democrats and Republicans. They were given the mission to come up with find a way to cut 1.5 Trillion dollars in debt savings over a ten year period. If they failed? As much as 85 Billion dollars would be cut automatically from military, and non military spending.  Well, they failed to come up with any cuts, so? SEQUESTER STRIKES!  History lesson over.

Just before the Sequester hit, and still to this day, Democrats are using scare tactics, and Obama did as well. Obama said "Janitors at the White House who rely on overtime to make ends meet will suffer".  A  day later it was learned White House  Janitors were exempt from the Sequester.  He went on to say that this was all the Republican's idea. Then video, and memos proved it started from the White House.  At ICE, the department that detains criminal illegal aliens pending deportation, let go 2,000 into the streets claiming it was because of the Sequester. Your children made unsafe for a scare tactic of the Sequester. The administration said they were low risk, but later it was found out, again by memos, they were NOT low risk.

However, my favorite scare tactic is the White House tours closing due to the Sequester. That is what I want to focus on, to show how ridiculous this all is.

It cost seventy thousand dollars a week to have tours at the White House for little Michael, and little Gracie on school trips, or tourists in general.  It is a shame we can't find ways to pay for this. Oh wait, we can!  Although this simple logic in economics just goes wasted on this administration.

During the week of March 20th Obama's administration gave the Palestinians 500 million dollars! Ironically as we borrow money from China every 3 months, we give it away too?  I digress: The Palestinians hate Obama and the USA. They burn our flag, and want us dead. Well, I say they get nothing! However, if we are to give them money, how about just 495 million?  PRESTO! 5 million dollars to keep the White House tours open! But that is just to simple. Allow me to continue then...

While the White House tours are a victim of the Sequester, food stamps to people not even in our country continue. Yes, you heard me right. Food stamps, your tax dollars, going to people not in the USA! To those in Mexico, as well as illegal aliens, which we now have to call them Displaced immigrants get them too. Above little Michael and Gracie's White House tours.  Seems any Sequestration should hit first those that are non-citizen programs.

Or how about funding education in Pakistan for their citizens at your tax dollars expense. All the while we now have cut tuition assistance for our own USA troops, again, due to the Sequestration.  Seems to be very simple logic to cut education in Pakistan, and restore it to our troops, and ... you guessed it, the White House tours.

Let's try something even simpler. Last week this administration approved 2.7 million dollars for a study on ... ready for this? Why Lesbians are prone to drinking too much alcohol.  Just one week before that? another study was approved for 1.2 million dollars to why Lesbians are prone to be more overweight than the national average.  I would think this would upset Lesbians (perhaps not, but seems not so nice of a study to do).  Just a note here...a famous waste of a study was approved to give  682 thousand dollars for the famous "Shrimp on a treadmill" which went viral on YouTube.   There was even a study about government studies!  All at your tax dollar expense. Going back to the Super Committee for a moment, you mean to tell me they couldn't find wasted programs to cut? I could go on with these: The turtle tunnel under a highway, jello wrestling in the antarctic.

But let's stick to the most recent. Our wonderful VP Uncle Joe Biden.  The human gaffe machine. I must admit, I love the guy, he supplies me with so much to talk about!  Dan Quayle was labeled stupid because he spelled Potato with an e on the end of it. Yet, Joe Biden says stupid things almost weekly. Well, what did he do this time? It wasn't anything he said, it was something he did.  During a mid-February trip in Paris, Uncle Joe spent $585,000.50 for a one night stay at a Paris hotel.  Sorry little Michael and Gracie, No tours at the White House for you! Uncle Joe is on the move!

Just in 2011 the Obama's vacations cost the tax payers 1.4 billion dollars. That was just for one year! I wonder how much it will be in 2013 ? Perhaps he can stay home and do some work for a change instead of playing more rounds of golf than any other president in history could pay for the tours?

... and to give Egypt 20 fighter jets, 200 tanks, 200 million dollars, with a pledge from Obama for another billion dollars!? To radical Muslim Brotherhood Morsi? Something is wrong here.  All of this all comes from your hard work, your money. and yet we can't even take care of our own poor, seniors, and vets?

So, don't let all this scare tactics fool you. Just understand this: Politicians are not geniuses. Most aren't even smart. Instead of solving problems like a smart politician would, a not so smart politician spends.  Unemployment? Economy? no matter the topic you get blabbing with no solutions, but mention spending cuts? and they are upset at the concept. As Nancy Pelosi said two weeks ago on Sunday morning with Chris Wallace "We don't have a spending problem".  DENIAL!

Oh, and by the way, the Sequester? truth is, it isn't even truly a cut. It is for the spending of the 2013 budget which we will take in more than last year, and it just happens to be 85 billion less of the 3 plus trillion we will get. It is all a scam to scare you, to make you believe we can't cut anything, we must spend, spend, and when we are done, spend even more.

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