Thursday, May 16, 2013

Founding Fathers Vs. Liberalism

With so many scandals that this administration is facing, I began to wonder what our founding fathers and those of that time would have to say about it.  Long deceased they still speak out from their own words as if it was profound and relevant to our current politics.  As I was thinking of them, it occurred to me what their political leanings were.  Many Liberals tell me the founding fathers were liberal because they protested, and that protesting was a Liberal thing to do. This argument never ceases to amaze me.  So the Tea Party of today is Liberal? I don't think so! In fact as I thought about writing this post it became clear to me that the founding fathers were Conservatives.  They were up against a monarchy that was tyrannical. They were over taxed, little liberty, and suffered confiscation of goods to be redistributed to England. Conservatives protest too. Many topics of that era mirrors what we face today with this administration. We are almost back to square one. Just the fact the Conservatives promote the Constitution and Liberals try to Diminish it's value (Unless it benefits them) gives credence that the founding fathers values match the Conservatives of today's values.

Take the topic of gun control legislation today. While the second amendment is clear, Liberals and most Democrats want to confiscate your guns (as over heard by Democrats in NJ during an open mic slip). Legislation to tax bullets, national registration, etc, all fall under INFRINGEMENT. If it does not, than the word infringement has no meaning.  However, what did the people back then believe?  George Washington, Liberal or Conservative? Well, let's take a quote about guns from our first President: "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."  ~ George Washington,  Sounds pretty conservative to me! George Washington knew that without the right to bear arms a government could easily once again become tyrannical.  Guns equal liberty as the meaning of his quote. To be sure, George Washington would also never think of preventing a flag of our country being displayed on a proud American's home as it is so often prevented today.

In our schools we are turning our children into weak pacifists.  Being a pacifist has it's good points. No one wants our children to be animalistic, violent, etc.  However, daily we hear news about a 2nd grader who is suspended for eating a Pop-Tart into a shape of a gun, or pointing a pencil and saying "Bang Bang" while playing. When I was a kid we had pop air guns. We never dreamed this would turn the population of America into killers. We wore our Daniel Boone fur hats, or Long Ranger gun holsters and played Cowboy and Indians, or even Cops and robbers. Today? We are brainwashing adults and children that guns are bad, and they are if misused, but the lives they save far outweigh the small percentages of misuse.  While in Iran, Syria, and many countries their children are preparing for war with our children by having real guns at young ages, even under ten years old.  We can not pasteurize ourselves into thinking the entire world is civil. Much of it is as barbaric as it was a thousand years ago.  From children playing with make believe guns, to taking guns away from our responsible adults, we are tampering with security of this nation from abroad and from within. Benjamin Franklin said:  "Make yourselves Sheep and Wolves will eat you".

What about the topic of religion?  Liberals are so keen to believe they are open minded. They claim this all the time, yet disagree with them, and they are vulgar, violent, and by far not open minded. Simply have a Christian support a Christian issue that goes against Liberal thinking and Liberal venom spews.  This administration lays down the red carpet for Muslims, yet takes great pride in attacking Christianity.  It could come in the form of unconstitutional laws forcing Christian groups to supply birth control against their teachings or at the very least force them to pay for it by their insurance premiums. It could come in the form of boycotting a company with a Christian owner that touts marriage between a man and a woman, or Pro-life issues. Take a quote from Patrick Heny : “It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains.” ~ Patrick Henry   ... and also from once again George Washington:  "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." ~ George Washington. It becomes clear that these men were not only Conservatives and not Liberals, that they also knew the importance of God.  Separation of Church and State? Liberals I talk to actually believe that is in the Constitution. It is not. It didn't even come to be a part of our politics until 1947 when Hugo Black a Supreme Court judge used it in a ruling in a NJ case.  He perverted it's meaning which came from a letter to the Baptists from Thomas Jefferson. The real meaning of Thomas Jefferson's letter was simply that he was quoting the 1st amendment and used the word "Wall" as a metaphor to "Seperate Church and State.  You can read the entire letter here:   Thomas Jefferson was obviously a Conservative too. However, history revisionist will claim otherwise.

What about the topic of this administrations love for spreading the wealth around? Welfare, foodstamps, and tax payer funding for other countries?  I give to you a quote from Thomas Jefferson on that subject: "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."  ~    Thomas Jefferson. ... and isn't this what Obama is doing? What exactly is that change in "Hope and Change" about?  Is it socialism? Russia journalists are calling Obama a Communist. His words in his own books are socialistic, as well as the ideas he writes about.  He sought out Socialists and Communists in his educational days to befriend.  He rejects the Private Sector, and rejects this country was founded on Conservative principals.  Conservative principals are now villianized by the left.  Liberals lay claim they are outdated. To the contrary they are more meaningful today than ever.

Senator Schumer said the first amendment should be limited.  Liberals are always saying the Constitution is obsolete, written for the times.  Obamacare is unconstitutional regardless if the Supreme Court ruled for it or not. The Supreme Court has gotten things wrong before in history, as it did here too.  President Reagan back in the early 60s warned about Socialising our medical system. It is a great recording.  I strongly urge you to get a nice cup of tea or coffee and relax and listen to it if you have time:

From the IRS targetting conservative groups, to Eric Holder and Fast & Furious, or the AP scandal, to Benghazi, to legalizing millions of illegal immigrants that from day one qualify for welfare, to the rise of radical Muslims in this country and taking over Europe (Watch this video: . A magazine in Egypt reports on 6 Musim Brotherhood members now working on the INSIDE of the White House and have effects on policy.  To Obama saying at the end of a speech in front of Planned Parenthood "God Bless you" as if God would? No, sorry Mr. President, God would not bless Planned Parenthood.  This administration is against all that God would want for this country, and it is clear our founding fathers and those of that time would look now and think " This is what we tried to get away from".  They would be in shock, they say so, in their own words they are conservative.  We, America, have been the only civilization in the history of mankind that at one time put God, Liberty to it's people, and rule of law up on a pedestal  and from what I plainly see, this administration is taking it all down.  Not brick by brick, but with a sledge hammer.

Lastly, at the end of the very same speech I included above from Ronald Reagan, I leave you with his last words:  "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free".

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