Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Freedom of Speech, Will it still exist?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I always ponder the topic of my blogs before I jump in and write one. Usually it has something to do with a current topic in the news. However, I had reason this week to be faced with a 1st amendment issue myself which got me thinking about the actual 1st amendment and what seems to be happening to it. Then I realized, oh wait, this is in the news now too!

First of all the 1st amendment was not part of the original constitution in 1787. That may shock people, but after all, it is an “amendment”. The famed Bill of Rights is where it surfaced on December 15th 1791. This powerful amendment is suppose to protect free speech. Most importantly free political speech. To say to a Liberal a Conservative thought, or to a Conservative a Liberal thought is a powerful freedom. Unfortunately there have been many people who use the 1st amendment in actual trials for their defense in a stretch of a way. I recall about a year or so ago a defendant in a trial invoked his 1st amendment rights as to why he flashed his car lights to another car in a sign that there was a police speed trap that awaits him down the road. The judge ruled in his favor. Or many times those claim to be artists by laying an American flag on the floor and inviting those to walk on it as freedom of speech, and the famous painting of Mother Mary painted in Elephant dun as the artists freedom of speech, all go with the blessings of “Hey, it is my first amendment right”... and they win.

Of course the old adage that you can't scream “FIRE!” in a movie theater is true, many times the first amendment is being misused and protected for ridiculous reasons, but ignored when it should rightfully be respected when used in it's purest form.

Yet, the pure purpose of the first amendment to protect free political speech is under attack by the one organization that once created it... The Federal government. From the IRS targeting oppositional groups of this administration, to the DOJ and Eric Holder's trying to make criminals out of oppositional journalists, the first amendment is being kicked to the side of the road. Again, by the same Government that created it to begin with: The Federal Government. Is it just the IRS and the DOJ? Sadly, no. The EPA is also doing this by harassing Conservative owned companies and home owners with ridiculous regulations and fines. There are even more, the DHS, and more.

Have you ever heard one Republican, or one Conservative say the first amendment is outdated? Or should be reformed? No. Not one. Why? Because those former groups I mention respect our Constitution and Bill or Rights. Do Democrats and Liberals uphold and respect the first amendment? Many do. However, the ones that do want to change it, or pervert or ignore it are always Democrats or Liberals.

Take for instance Sen. Chuck Shumer when he said “I believe there should be limits on the first amendment because the first amendment is not absolute”. Or most recently Dick Durbin when he said he doesn't know if first amendment rights would apply to bloggers. Oh really? And why is that? Because a blogger has a platform that could reach people that may oppose a Democrat or Liberal? Is not blogging a assembling of writer and reader? Does the first amendment not say in it the right to assemble? Time and time again one Democrat or Liberal will try to diminish the Constitution or Bill of Rights. That is, until they need it.

Take Lois Lerner as an example. While in charge of the approvals for exemptions department at the IRS she knew of the targeting of Conservative groups applying for tax exemptions. Many still waiting 3 years later for approval while Progressive groups took just a few months. So, she punished groups that use their first amendment rights to squelch their free political speech being it was in opposition to the left's views. Yet, when she needed the Constitution she invoked the 5th amendment not to answer Congresses questions. Although by making her opening statement she actually waived that right, but she didn't know she was doing that at that moment until Rep. Gowdy pointed it out to Issa.

However, is it just the big groups? No, it is also the little guy. The middle class family man who happens to be a Republican, or Conservative. This may even be more apparent when one goes to file his taxes next year after Obamacare is totally in effect. When the IRS asked invasive questions like what are the content of your prayers, etc. They also asked who are your donors, what students volunteer for you, etc. They wanted to know about the individual Conservative too, not just the groups itself.

The first amendment must never EVER be limited in it's intent. It is what “Legal” Immigrants say we don't know how lucky we are to have it. It is one of the best reasons that makes America, America. It is without a doubt (in a Conservative's opinion), one of the most beautiful parts of our founding documents.

So, why should I rant about this? I found out recently that my little radio show, my little blog was visited by The Department of Defense. At first I laughed that I would be considered a threat to anyone. Me, the guy who can't even step on an ant (I walk around it lol). I am not a right wing extremist. However, it seems fashionable to say any Conservative that has Ronald Reagan's views are extreme. Or anyone that loves our founding fathers are extreme. Do I believe in revolution? Ha, no. Do I want to go crazy and commit violent crimes? Uhm, no. I have enough problems at home just trying to get my cat not to miss the litter box. Am I a psycho gun owner? No. I believe in the 2nd amendment, but I do not own a gun. So why would the Department of Defense visit my site? Because they enjoy it? Well, I would hope so, but doubt that was the reason.

It seems they saw my blog about Pamela Geller, a pro-Israel woman that I interviewed a few years back. While on that blog, they also visited my main web site. Which my main site is filled with topics of my latest show, plus the audio. Filled with Conservative views that would make Ronald Reagan and our founding fathers proud. Do I believe in legalizing illegal immigrants? No, Do I believe in redistribution of wealth? No. Do I believe in any Liberal ideology? No. and why? Because as I pointed out in my last blog entry, our founding father's were Conservatives.

Has it come to this? Has it come to anyone that doesn't agree with Democrats are evil? I sure hope not. It would seem as if those who target others for their beliefs beckon back to the ways of the old Soviet Union. Yet the ones that should be of concern to a rational government should be those who commit crimes like the Occupier movement. Not for their beliefs, but for their drug use at protests, their murders at protests, their defecating on Police cars and vandalism. Yet Nancy Pelosi approves of them, but call the little old lady sitting in a lawn chair at a Tea Party gathering complete with a American flag, and a support our troops T-shirt, as “Astro-Turf”, “Nazi's”. What has happened to America?

I love my first amendment rights to point out the wrong doings of this administration and all that support it. Oh, don't get me wrong, There are plenty of Republican's I don't agree with too. The Rhino Republicans, and if they win the next election I am sure I will be criticizing them too.

So, now I get to say, “If you, the Department of Defense come back and visit my site again? I hope you respect our first amendment rights as much as I do, and oh yes, enjoy the show”.

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