Thursday, August 22, 2013

President Obama Is On The Wrong Side Of Egyptian History

As I began writing today's article I realized if I included all there is to include on what is happening in Egypt, this story would end up being one hundred pages long! Each day so many different aspects of Egypt add so much if all was to be written about.  From day one of this coup, which this administration still will not refer to it as, to this very day, events are unfolding so very fast.  The Arab world has taken the stance to support the Egyptian military by sending 12 billion dollars in aid to them. All  with the goal to defeat and rid the country of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, our administration has took the stance to stop the aid to Egypt. As Obama said "Give the Muslim Brotherhood" a second chance".  As the Egyptian interim government ponders to make the Muslim Brotherhood banned, illegal, and marked as a terrorist organization, our government and the left wing media attempts to portray the Brotherhood as a viable political party.  The same political party that ruled after the first coup and installed a new constitution that A) Made slavery legal again B) legalized rape of non-Muslim women C) made criticizing  President Mursi a jail-able offense, etc.  Secular Egyptians and Christians were either jailed, killed, kidnapped or homes and churches destroyed.  The Obama administration supported Mursi with 1.2 billion in aide, 20 jets, 200 tanks, and Mursi still called for the destruction of Israel and America.

As I mentioned above, so many things are happening so fast, instead of a huge article with all the details that would make the novel "War and Peace" look like a mini book, here are some of the events that may help to understand that what the Egyptian military is doing deserves our support, and what our own administration is doing is shameful. NOTE: For historical reference I have included a few events from Middle Eastern history that relates to Egypt today.

* 1928 The Muslim Brotherhood is formed. Their public motto: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration".
* 1981 Anwar Sadat is assassinated with the Muslim Brotherhood involved. Anwar Sadat, a man of peace and creator of treaties with Israel.
* 2011 saw the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood coup and Mubarak's stepping down.
* 2012 Mubarak is arrested and jailed.
* 2012 Mursi wins election bringing in the Muslim Brotherhood as the sole ruling party.
* Obama administration makes deal for 20 fighter jets, and 200 tanks, plus over a billion dollars to Egypt.  The only war Egypt has had was with Israel. So why the deal?
* Arabian news reports about President Mursi opponents crucified in trees.
* Authors critical of the new Egyptian administration jailed with sentences of 5 to ten years.
* Mursi calls Israel and America the devil.
* Ancient shrines are dismantled being they are not of Allah. Muslim Brotherhood contemplates dismantling of the pyramids.
* New Egyptian constitution re-instates slavery as legal, and rape of non-Muslim women no longer a crime.
* June 28 2013: White House confirms meeting with deputy of banned Muslim Brotherhood  radical cleric.
* Obama administration gets caught trying to give the Muslim Brotherhood organization a 8 billion dollar donation.
* June 30: The military issues a 48 hour ultimatum to the Mursi administration to meet with other political parties to hear their concerns.
* July 2nd, late in responding, refuses to meet with protesters.
* July 3rd, under General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the military is a sweep takes over the country, arresting Mursi under house arrest.
* Celebrations in the streets by secular Egyptians, along with protest signs implicating Obama as a supporter of the Brotherhood, dance in the streets with fireworks much like our Independence Day celebrations. Lifting the military in the air as heroes.
* The Obama administration refuses to recognize this event as a coup.
* July 4th, Egypt installs interim President, Chief justice Adly Mansour who vows to not let Egypt be taken over again by those who support chaos.
* General al-Sisi announces there is plenty room for all to help re-build Egypt and offers an olive branch to the Muslim Brotherhood to be a part of it.
* Days later the Muslim Brotherhood supporters protest with throwing people off roofs, burning churches and killing in the streets. Vowing to die until Mursi is re-instated as President.
* Churches are continued to be marked with paint and destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Over 20 churches destroyed, including on from the 4th century.  Captured Nuns are paraded in the streets by the Muslim Brotherhood.
* General al-Sisi vows to rebuild the churches, and not just with words. He orders construction to begin immediately.
* Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries send 12 billion dollars in aide to the Egyptian military and interim government to help dispose of the Muslim Brotherhood.
* General al-Sisi continuously refuses to take calls from President Obama, Kerry, and Hagel.
* The administration, and some Republicans want to abolish financial aide to Egypt. However, they did not consider this when the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge displaying all the crimes of an administration. Now that terrorists are not in charge, and a secular interim government wants to restore democracy the way it should be... Stop aide?
* Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protesters attack police and police fight back killing over 700 radicals. Western Media puts most of the blame on the military.
* Egypt military asks Israel for permission to enter the Sinai zone to rid radical terrorists. Israel allows, and over 30 radicals killed.
* Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Son Claims MB is Blackmailing Obama with “Evidence That Could Put Him in Prison”.  Hinting Obama is building an army through immigration by legitimization of Islam in America.
* President Obama takes time out from his vacation at Martha's Vineyard to make statement he does not support either party, and just wants a peaceful solution.
* After the Muslim Brotherhood's bloody and continuing protests, President Obama says to give them a second chance.
* Saudi Arabia criticizes this statement as "Obama has no idea the Muslim Brotherhood will not be peaceful, and must go".
* Israel supports the Egyptian Military.
* Arab media uncovers Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood implicated in Benghazi attack.
* Arab media in support for the Egyptian army reports President Obama has no respect from Arab countries. They report he is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood as they have financially donated  money to his presidency, and the radical Islamination of America. Past reports by the Arab media stated the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House and effect policy.
* A musical song and video goes viral on Youtube and is a big hit in Egypt by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry. Titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” it attacks the US president for allegedly preferring Islamic radicals over the army. (It isn't the Bealtes, that's for sure, but watch it to read the translation as you view it).
* August 20: The Muslim Brotherhood gets caught faking a video of military aggressiveness. As the video is being created, they stop the video for still photos and pose the standing frozen posed protesters to snap the photos, then resume the video.
* Coptic Pope Tawadros II issued a statement concerning the violence perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Egypt and condemning the responses of the Western governments including the US and the distorted coverage by the Western Media.
* Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie arrested.
* August 21: White House Spokesman Josh Earnest during the White House Daily Briefing today reacted with a snarky joke to a serious question from Fox News’ Ed Henry about violence against Christians in Egypt. Henry asked what Obama’s “Red Line in Egypt” is on anti-Christian attacks. Earnest responded, “Well I didn't bring my red pen out today.
*... and lastly (for now) Ex-Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt claims Obama's brother is a Mulim Brotherhood member and says he will release the files. He says it is for this reason this administration backs the Brotherhood (among other reassons).

All of the above is easily searchable with your favorite search engine.  To sum up, President Obama, and this administration as well as some Republicans are on the wrong side of history. America should be willing to help the Egyptian military as they helped the Libyans dispose of Muammar Gaddafi. The Secular Egyptians, the ones that like the Western culture, the ones that wear the Yankee caps, the ones that get along with the Christians, the ones that do not condone rape, crucifixions deserve our support, as Arab world is supporting them. Evil is evil, and must not be given a "second chance" as Obama put it.  Yet I fear if the left wing media does not report this as it should, by painting a different picture, the people of our land will never know what is really going on there, and thus, point fingers at the military.  America must not be on the wrong side of history as it is being now.  We must be on the side of those who recognize the Muslim Brotherhood for what it really is.

Epilogue: We were once a country that stood against terrorism. We would not even have a dialogue with them. This President has made terrorism fashionable.  Can't call the Fort Hood shootings a terrorist act? Instead this administration calls it "Work place violence".  An Clinton appointed federal judge last week ruled in Oklahoma Sharia law can not be banned? A Texas Muslim cleric states that Sharia law is above American law? Schools banning pork as to not offend Muslims? Jews do not eat pork either, have they ever been offended by it to ban it? America is capitulating to Islam. Watch it daily. A chip away at a time of the American fabric.  Read what happened to Constantinople. Read what happens when Islam immigration happens. It is happening in Europe as well. Read Pamela Geller's website: What more harm can President Obama do with the other three years he has left? Good must stand up to evil.

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