Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi worse than Watergate? You bet it is!

Yesterday we heard from three of the "Whistle-blowers" during the Benghazi hearings.  I watched as many did in awe of them recounting events that contradict what Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, Obama, Jay Carney, etc. all of said.  Besides this hearing, and the depth of what it all means in search for the truth I found myself amazed at the left's take on this. Seemingly downplaying the entire fiasco as just another political witch hunt from the right.  However, let me take you back through the mist of time:

You may recall a little event that took down a presidency called Watergate.  May I point out that no one died during this scandal.  Richard Nixon resigned because of it, and deservedly so.  The crime? A break in to the DNC, combined with burglary.  I was young, but equally interested in politics as I am today.  I wanted to know the truth! So did the left. They were relentless in finding out what had happened. The media was too. Each night the top story was Watergate.  Although back then my youth did not know the severity of a left wing media.  Back then I believed that the media was not biased. Back then I could not even fathom a biased media. I had faith in journalists that they would not slant a story, or even ignore one if it meant deceiving the American public.  To be fair, now that I do know that the media was biased even back then, still they did the right job.  Finding the truth. Little did I know that it was more due to pushing their liberal agenda then actually revealing the truth for the sake of justice. However, they did discover the truth, and sure enough there were major consequences for the Republicans.

With Benghazi, the left wing media today reveals they are not about finding the truth for the sake of justice. They are in full denial mode, and it is not due to ignorance.  It is deliberate.  While they hardly even covered the hearings, they did downplay it with reports.  They did this as well with Fast and Furious (Which people also died), and one can even claim they are doing it with the Boston Marathon Bombing as to downplay radical Islam in this country.

From John Stewart, to Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and so many reporters from CBS, NBC, ABC and of course Obama's news station: MSNBC all either down playing that lies were told by so many in the administration. They took Hilary's rant "What difference does it make..." and have ran with it.

We now know they knew (the administration) by the testimony of the three, in my opinion, heroes: Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom and Mark Thompson. Still the search for truth by the left no longer matters as it did with Watergate.  It doesn't serve their purpose. In fact, it is perceived as an attack on what they believe, or rather an attack on Obama is an attack on them. They are defenders of Liberalism, defenders of lies, and defenders of anything that is against what this country was founded upon. Specially, they are defenders of Obama.  All one has to do is listen to them. They are not reporting this as a search for truth. They are reporting on Benghazi (when reporting it at all) as a defense attorney would defend a client. It makes me ponder if Richard Nixon was a Democrat, would there even have been a scandal?

We all now know Benghazi was not caused by a video as claimed by Obama, Hilary, Susan Rice, and the left wing media.  In fact the chain of events (Timeline) starts months before 9/11 when time and time again requests for security was denied by Hilary's office. Even at one point downsized. (If interested, here are those chains of events):

The testimony was riveting. I find it somewhat downright insulting to the American public that those on the left claim this is for political reasons.  Hicks himself voted for Obama twice! If you are on the left, or right, and have not seen the testimony you should as an American wanting to know the truth. No matter what your political party is,  truth is truth.  Democrats and Republicans both do things that are horrible to the American people, and just because we may be on the team of the wrong doers, we should not defend them. If we do, we are just as wrong as they are.  Listen to part of the hearing of these brave men testifying, then listen to how the left wing media downplayed it...

Highlights of astounding testimony:

Left wing media downplaying the hearing:

The left denying we could have sent help in time as fallen through the cracks. It is now known we could have been there during the second attack. Also, no one knew how long it would have gone on for? So help should have been sent.  However, they were told to "Stand Down".  It is now known this was NOT due to a video, and it was known then too, but Susan Rice went on 5 networks to claim it was a protest due to a video a week later, as Hilary did as well with the caskets behind her of the fallen victims. It is now known requests to beef up security months ahead, including just days before were denied. It is now known that Obama did not talk to Penneta.  Instead, Obama went to bed and a fund raiser the next day. ...

But why? Why create this illusion that it was our fault for insulting them? The fault of offending Islam via internet video?  In my opinion it is two fold. 1) A continuation of the appeasement of Islam.  This administration bends over backwards to include Islam as a viable friendly religion.  Well, it is. However, this administration includes the radicals of Islam in that mix, which they are not.  Sending help to Benghazi would have, in the administration's view, been seen by Islam as a declaration of war, not a reaction to their action. Not by Libya  but by Islam as a whole.  This the administration could not have that happen several weeks before a Presidential election.  Which brings me to the other reason: 2) The administration needed to down play this horrific event due to that election itself. Pile the lies and don't reveal facts would help solidify an election.  Come out with the truth? and we may have had a different President today, President Romney.

So, what of Watergate? in comparison  this is worse than Watergate.  So wouldn't you think the outcome should be at the very least equal?  Or should we just jump on board with Hilary and say "What difference does it make"?


I must include here a big salute to Youtube and the best blog on the Internet: Doug Ross @ Journal:

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