Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syria: Yet Another Obama Mistake?

As of this point in time, Wednesday  6am est.  August 29th 2013 there has been no order from Obama to attack yet in Syria. A war within Syria equates to State run terrorist (Assad) versus the Rebels, also called Freedom fighters, but made up in part of Al Qaeda terrorist.  Over 100 thousand people have died, but who are the good guys?  Neither.  Assad’s side are killing the opposition and Christians (women and children, and whole towns), and the Opposition is killing Assad’s troops and Christians (women and children, and whole towns).  With Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Obama is being pushed into an intervention (limited) with one subliminal reason.  Obama does not want to look like a fool after saying a red line would be crossed if Assad used chemical weapons.  Now he must do something even though he doesn’t want to.  Only to save political face, but to what expense?
Later today Obama will be presenting evidence to Congress.  We await if Congress gives consent, but if they don’t Obama may still strike as he did without Congress’s consent for attacking Libya.  In 2007 President Bush weighed some kind of attack in Iran to prevent nuclear plants. Joe Biden said in 2007 on Hard Ball with Chris Mathews that if President Bush did not get the OK from Congress, then that is an impeachable offense.  I wonder what Joe Biden thinks now? I also wonder what Hillary Clinton thinks now? She said just a few short years ago that Assad was a reformer!
Jordan and other Arab countries are unwilling to help the USA, because they realize Obama acts against peaceful Arab countries interests. This is most evident in Egypt as the entire Arab World (less Syria and Iran) support the Egyptian military’s quest to rid the country of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptian people know all too well what the Western media will not report on: That Obama has and does support the Muslim Brotherhood.
Russia and China has warned the USA if Obama gives the order to strike, it would be a dangerous mistake.  Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s former envoy to NATO, said “The West is acting like a Monkey with a grenade”.  Syria has said if Obama strikes the country will become a “Graveyard for invaders”.  Iran stated if Obama strikes Syria… you guessed it… Israel will take the brunt of Iran’s wrath.  A stike on Syria could turn into a proxy war with Iran.  Iran and Syria will take this opportunity to attack Israel. Israel is calling on all reservists back. Gas masks are being issued.  This, a country the size of New Jersey! How much bombs will it take before it is all gone. Benjamin Netanyahu said if Israel is attacked, it’s response would be devastating.  Obama has proven time and time again he is no friend of Israel.  He is not weighing the concerns of Israel.  Israel has little respect for Obama as their polls show Obama’s approval ratings in their country are extremely low.  They have not forgot Obama’s call for Israel’s return to the indefensible 1967 borders. Or his comments on Netanyahu’s UN speech.  They know he will act for his own political facade of a leader at the expense of Israel.
So now we find ourselves on the doorstep of Obama’s second use of armed forces, the first being Libya.  France took the lead in Libya, as Obama did not want to be viewed as the leader.  He does this in most topics.  NASA for instance.  Dismantle NASA and the rest of the world we pay to go to space.  Jay Carney, Obama’s spokesman said this is not about regime change, that it is a measured response for using of chemical weapons.  Whispers in DC seem to point that the attack will be aimed where the chemical weapons are stored diminishing their use, thus helping the rebels.  Do you think for one moment Assad, Russia, China, Iran will be frightened into not doing anything in return? No, they will just respond with Israel being bombed, and attacks in the USA will rise. No good can come out of the USA under President Obama’s leadership (or lack of) attacking Syria. His measured response can only cause an escalation of tragic consequences.  This President has lost all respect of the world.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, Israel, Europe, Poland, Jordan, and more, all view this President as an Amateur, a man with no clue about the world, and that is from articles from them, not my opinion.
Obama has always been a leader who doesn’t fight to win.  He was against the Iraqi war, and as President he pulled out our troops way too soon.  Result? Iraq is dissolving into a haven for terrorist.  So much so, that the President of Iraq, President Talabani has requested help from the USA in the form of drones and anti-terrorist trainers.  That was two weeks ago, and I have heard no reports of a response from the USA.  In Afghanistan Obama was against the surge.  Yet his opposition to the surge was proven wrong when the surge had tremendous successes.  So what did Obama do?  He pulled back on the surge, and more troops died under Obama than under Bush.  When Bush was in charge the left wing media was furious about every single death of a soldier, but with Obama in charge?  Those same media outlets are silent.  Also, as he did in Iraq, he is bringing troops home from Afghanistan.  Does anyone have any doubt that Afghanistan will also crumble into a haven for terrorists and the Taliban will once again rule?
Obama has proven in Afghanistan he does not know how to fight or win a war.  If our enemy throws a stone at us, Obama does not crush them, instead he has a measured response of just throwing a stone back at them.  May I use a tennis metaphor?  If the number one tennis player in the world, Serena Williams plays the 100th seeded player in the world, does Serena whip her fanny on the court, or does Serena play at the much less experienced and talented player’s level?  I know you know the answer to that question.  I won’t even write it.  In Afghanistan Obama gave the order we can not shoot first.  So in essence, Let them possibly kill one or some of our soldiers first, then you can fire back.  That lack of offense allows for a quagmire.  The enemy does not fear us. Instead they find the USA more as an equal adversary opposed to a Super Power.
While on the subject of Afghanistan, has anyone noticed that we are fighting Al Qaeda? and Obama is about to help Al Qaeda in Syria?  So we are fighting against them in one country, and siding with them in another?  Is this any kind of foreign policy?  Yes, I know, it is not all Al Qaeda.  Some may be reasonable Muslims that do want Assad out, and a Democracy in. However, through Iran, and Al Qaeda, they are very much a part of this Opposition.  If Assad is thrown out, Syria will be worse than the Muslim Brotherhood was in Egypt… if that is even possible!
So we await.  Our ships are now there.  Tomahawk missiles ready to go.  The world is watching.  Regardless if Obama gives the order or not, the world should wake up and realize Israel was never the real problem in the Middle East.  The real problem is Muslims constantly fighting Muslims, and no Obama measured attack will stop that.
Watch Michelle Malkin on Hannity. She ads much to what I am saying about poor leadership (Hagel and Kerry concerning Syria.
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