Friday, November 15, 2013

When A Presidency Crumbles (Hope and Change Obamacare)

By Martin O'Sullivan
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Today I watched President Obama give a rare press conference. He came to talk about the Affordable Healthcare Act, and deal with questions that might be critical of it. As I watched this great orator (as the left refers to him), I watched him break the law on national television by once again changing a law himself. Even Howard Dean called this into question. I watched him stammering and searching for words. I watched him not telling the truth many times as he never acknowledged so many other negative causes and effects of Obamacare, but still touted lower premiums, and better care to which we know is not true.

What bothered me was the feeling this man is not in charge of the White House. I have had this feeling before. A President comfortable to have others do everything (Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, even Kathleen Sebelious, as examples), and just experience the Presidency as if it was one huge golf game. Traveling and campaigning for his policies, spending a perverted amount of tax payers money on vacations, playing over 150 rounds of golf, all while trying to look Presidential when called upon. However, when asked questions, or giving statements, he often says “I didn't know”, “I saw it on the news like everyone else did”, “No one told me”, “I was unaware of it”, time and time again.

Be it Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, NSA, and the list goes on. He is never knowing of anything. Regardless, if the IRS visits him at the White House over one hundred times. Must have been to play checkers. Today he said no one told him the website was not ready. I believe him. In his own words “If I knew it was not going to work, I would not have said how wonderful it would be two weeks before”. However, what about the people in charge of the website. Were they told to keep the President informed? I say no, somewhat. I believe when anything is to be done there is a understanding that those in charge of the project are to leave him alone. They are to inform his staff which feeds him only positives. I believe this goes back to 2009 when he appointed so many Tzars to so many things a President would be in charge of. Being he would not have to deal with it, the Tzars would. (Hindsight, his calling them Tzars in itself is very telling, don't ya think?)

I believe this President does not know the depth of the failure of Obamacare, because no one is telling him. He is in a big huge bubble not to be disturbed. Either they fear telling him anything about it, or he is not really in charge. To give this speech today and not fully understand that there is much more wrong with this law than just a broken down excuse for a website is ignorant of reality. The cancellations of five million policies to individuals is just the tip of the iceberg of all the problems with this law. The people know, and that is why they are not attempting to go to the site in the numbers they need, regardless if they can or can not enroll. They just were not going! With nearly two thousand pages of law, and twenty thousand pages of regulations added on after, when the next problem arises with Obamacare, I have no doubt he will once again say he never knew or was told about the flaw.

So, Obama's “Fix” is the newest example of my theory. To allow insurance companies to continue to supply policies people have had regardless if they don't meet the regulations in their plans. So there he stood, at the podium, saying what insurance companies say can not be done. Did no one tell the President that rates and policies can't be flipped back on like a light switch? The insurance companies are saying if it can be done at all, it will cost the consumer even more money. So once again I feel the President's people sought a solution, told the President about it, without never talking to the Insurance companies first, then sending him out there to speak about a fix that can not happen.

Here is what should be done. That's right, Martin is about to tell you the solution Mr. President. This entire bill was said to be to insure about 33 million people without insurance. Although today the President said 40 million people. Let us use his new number. 40 million people included young adults who feel indestructible and didn't want healthcare. Others were illegal immigrants, yes I will not call them undocumented because they are ILLEGALLY HERE. Also, let us not forget that the CBO said after Obamacare is in full swing there would still be over 30 million people without healthcare, so was this really the reason to ruin the best healthcare in the world? So how to reform healthcare?

1) Tort Reform: Simply make frivolous medical law suits capped, yet allowing true medical disasters caused by hospitals and/or doctors semi-capped. One of the major reasons cost of policies are so high is due to lawyers suing, ambulance chasers if you will. The Hospitals and Doctors must buy medical malpractice insurance that cost millions, thus rates are raised to the patient. By Tort Reform, medical costs would be drastically trimmed being medical malpractice insurance would be lower, and less law suits.

2) The selling of Insurance policies across state lines. You lose when you are forced to buy insurance from your own state for a higher price for the same policy that is sold in another state in the country for less money. By allowing national competition price wars ensue. Thus, lower rates.

3) Obamacare fines Catholic health Organizations for charity care to patients with no insurance and that are poor. The fines are millions. This is one of those flaws in the law I say the President doesn't even know is in there. Instead of fining the health organization, reward them and all hospitals and insurance companies with incentives. Expand charity care to hospitals, and doctors with a clause that no lawsuits may be filed in any negative medical event.

4) Deregulate the Insurance companies and allow them to issue new policies that meet the needs of the poor. As it stands now, only the government can approve a policy the insurers wish to make available to the consumer. These standards set by the government prevents insurance companies issuing out group policies for individuals to enter.

5) Policy credits and rebates: If one goes a year without the need for healthcare send a rebate, or compound credit points to the following year lowering the premiums. If one belongs to a gym, or a spa, a percentage discount on the premiums.

6) Healthcare savings accounts: Much like Social Security, a working citizen has a deduction of ten dollars a week specifically to be applied to a health savings account. As well as private healthcare savings account where people set their own figures to how much would be direct deposit from their paychecks. All with compounded interest.

7) Preexisting conditions: One of the rare popular features of Obamacare, but done wrong. The surcharge for this in Obamacare is astronomical. Liberals thought this was going to be free. They are finding the surcharge is as much as the premium itself. However, a one time charge as an option for the policy to cover preexisting conditions that may be paid for like a car loan instead of sticker shock, or a preexisting deductible from paycheck if opted in for.

8) Neighbor policies: Similar to individual group policies mentioned above, individuals could be free to canvas their neighbors, friends, to enter a group policy. The more enrolled, the less the group policy, thus the less the premiums.

9) Medical fraud penalties: The medical fraud that is already happening in Obamacare is staggering. From Obamacare navigators having people lie, to identity thefts, scam artists, are already in huge numbers and the law just started (Partially) on October 1st! If the NSA, EPA, IRS, DHS, can harrass innocent citizens, how medial fraud security MFS? To go after real not so innocent citizens! With fines going directly to medical charity. Penalties so strict including prison without parole for a minimum of ten years. Medical scams, and fraud is yet another reason for high premiums from insurance companies.

10) Medical School costs: The cost to go to Medical School is so high are children (and parents) can not afford it (Only few). Our children end up doing something else. Something more affordable for schooling and a career. Yet, medical schools in Italy, India, and other countries are more than half the cost of schools in America. My friend went to medical school in Italy because he could not afford it here, but not everyone can do that. What happens is a shortage of American born Doctors. The doctor from another county comes here to practice. Which is fine, and they are great, however I wish to see more American children grow up to be a doctor is that is what they want to do. How does this affect Insurance companies? By lesser expensive American medical schools, doctors do not start out their careers charging exorbitant private practice rates that insurance has to cover. Doctors do this to recover their huge schooling cost. Lesser schooling tuition equates to lesser private practice rates.

There! That was just ten. Republicans have even more if only the media would listen (or would have listened in the past few years). Two thousand pages? No! And by the way, I hope you know the reason for two thousand page laws is on purpose. To make the law so confusing one can not tell if it is being implemented correctly. The quickest easy from point A to point B is a straight line. The best way for a solution is always keeping it simple.

God Bless America and God bless the 5 million and growing losing their healthcare.

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