Friday, March 15, 2013

Political Correctness must go! it is ruining the world!

A few weeks back I played a fantastic audio from Doctor Benjemin Carson (Video available on youtube) of his epic speech at the Christian Prayer Breakfast attended by President Obama not more than 5 feet away. The good Doctor spoke about how evil Political Correctness is. How it blunts efforts for us to talk honestly to each other to criticize evil. It truly was a great speech.

It got me thinking what the Doctor said was more profound than I first thought upon hearing it. Political Correctness, specially in the past 4 years by this administration has caused the rise of unstable nations, radicalism, and dangers that if not stopped will bring to fruition the knocking the King of the hill, off the hill... Civilized Societies.

Let me explain this theory of mine, which I believe is not so much a theory, as what is really happening in fact:

Since Obama's apology tour 4 years ago, his appeasement to Islam, his name changing events such as “War on Terror” now called something else. We are no longer allowed to say illegal Immigrants, or illegal aliens, but now have to say Displaced immigrants. Etc.

Case in point: The President, referring to Islam said “We must respect it”. Let us take a closer look of what is being reported daily. Last wee k a 14 year old girl was doused with battery acid because she said “No” to marrying a rapist. 3 days ago of this post it was reported that a 29 year old Pakistani policeman fell in love with a 19 year old local woman. Sounds romantic doesn't it? Well, he was burried up to his neck, and stoned to death, and later the woman was executed and shot to death. Why? Because he had the nerve to fall in love while on duty. Or how about the young Malala Yousufzai, the 14 year old Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban. She is now miraculously recovering! But why did they shoot her? Because she had the nerve to want an education! How about the Iman in Europe that said “If a woman doesn't cover herself up, she deserves to be rapped”. Well? Guess what, he is now accused of rape himself. How about the Copts Christians in Egypt being literally crucified in trees! Their homes burned, shot to death in churches as they worship. I could write about all of this four days and weeks, and not cover the tip of the iceberg. Oh sure, you don't hear much about it from the mainstream media... Thank the Lord for technology and the Internet.

Did you know there is now a Muslim brotherhood in Congress? Also at the beginning of March the Muslim brotherhood said we finally have someone on the inside of the White House too!” The new head of the CIA, John Brennan is now a Muslim. The list goes on. The Muslim Brotherhood says they will take over Europe within 20 years, and the USA under 30. It is like another Christian Crusade, but not by the sword, it is by immigration.

How about in OBAMACARE Christian organizations must adhere to the rules against their religious conscious, as well no longer having the first amendment of the Constitution protecting them, yet did you know that in OBAMACARE Muslims don't have to get it!

However, do not let me try to insinuate this is all about Islam. No, the Political Correctness of not calling things for what they are extend to everything. Gun Control, kids being suspended for taking their finger while playing in the schoolyard and saying “Bang Bang” in a game of Cowboy and Indians or Cops and Robbers. Heck, when I was a kid we had pop air gun rifles! We are raising wimps while Islam, China, North Korea are building monstrosities of armies and weaponry. Half this country doesn't even like the USA anymore! Try hanging a flag now days. Half the towns in the US make you take it down!

Climate change... Oh really? It is now known the Ice shelf has expanded by millions of square miles! The Sun is doing odd stuff, cooling the earth. In fact we have had no global warming in 19 years! (Google it!). Yet we are about to teach our children Climate Change as part of the curriculum in schools now.

The subjects are endless. But, what does this have to do with Political Correctness? EVERYTHING! You see, without the United States speaking up for those girls in Islamic countries who want an education, or us pointing fingers at Islam about the way women rights are abolished (The TRUE war on Women!) We enable more of it to grow. No matter the subject, the topic, if the United States doesn't take a stance on Evil, even if only verbally, it is heard by the offenders as if we Condone it, or perhaps we are so weak to speak out against it.

Take a child. If you are a parent you will know what I mean lol. If a child misbehaves, you as a good parent corrects him. A child who has no rules will grow up spoiled, and many negative traits. We scold them if they hit another child, We yell at them “No, don't touch the stove! It's hot!” We don't coddle them. Those that do? Get brats! Yet we can't spank a child anymore without a lawsuit!

It is the same in the world of politics. Internationally, nationally, and locally.

We must stop this political correctness as Doctor Benjamin Carson says. He is right. Stand up for your beliefs! If you think it is wrong to kill Jews says so! Sounds obvious right? But no, I am stunned how this world is turning on the Jews. I love the Jewish people. Last month in England, a Parliament member walked out because a Jew was there. Two months ago a soccer team refused to play another team because it was made up of Jews. Did the World speak out? No, all “Civilized” countries were silent. Have we learned nothing from Hitler? Israel is peaceful. They are not action orientated. They are reaction orientated. Meaning they don't strike first, they react. Hundreds of missiles sent into Israel by Hamas, and nothing is said about it by the International community. NOTHING! But, when Israel responds? IT IS A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION declared by the U.N.!

This administration is afraid. Afraid of doing what is right. Standing up for good, pointing out evil. Instead we are mute. And so, it grows, the world is being turned upside down, and much of it is all for it! When good doesn't speak out against evil, evil will take over. Heck, what is going on in this country? Akin to the burning of Rome! And half our population is blind to see. Nope, not going to go against their man Obama. From Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, to the mainstream Media they are more like Pravda, the old Soviet Union government owned media. It is time for good to take it's head out of the sand.

I could rant about this for another billion pages of writing. I will stop here lol. Understand, we have another 4 more years of freedom eroding, socialism growing. Speak out!

View the epic speech of Doctor Ben Carson on youtube:

God Bless you, us, and the United States of America.


  1. Oh, Marty, Marty, Marty. How could someone I like so much and have so much respect for see things in such a different way than I myself do? But, I am all for ending political correctness, I just see all these issues very differently than you do.

    1. lol.... Your views make me cringe too lol... but I love ya! lol